Take Action

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Qi Yuan Day activist. What exactly does this mean?

We need the support of people like you, who are passionate about new beginnings, the value of life, and are interested in spreading this to others!

Some ways you can help:

  • Calculate your Qi Yuan day and share our page with others so they can discover theirs.
  • Calculate others’ Qi Yuan Days and send Qi Yuan Day cards to those you love to celebrate their life beginning before they were born! Mothers-to-be, children, friends, and family make good recipients.You can also schedule recurring e-card deliveries to be sent out yearly!
  • Raise funds for your own organization by purchasing our Qi Yuan Day cards in bulk and selling at your next event.
  • Donate if you believe in our mission to celebrate life.
  • Contact us at contact@qiyuanday.com to get information on how to become a Qi Yuan Day Coordinator and organize celebrations at your school, business, organization, or ministry.

Thank you for your interest in Qi Yuan Day! Celebrate beginning!

-The Qi Yuan Day Team