What is Qi Yuan?

Qi Yuan (pronounced "Chee-U-En") means “beginning” or "origin" in Mandarin. The Chinese symbol 日 simply means “day.” However, the Chinese have for millennia dated a person’s age from Day One -- adjusted for the vagaries of the Chinese calendar. Qi Yuan Day simplifies that by ascribing a Qi Yuan date to each person. So, we have decided to adopt the Qi Yuan Day concept to an audience broader than China. We strive in the education and inspiration of the next generation to celebrate their beginning. In China, a baby is a one year old at birth. We like that! So, we began celebrating our Day One. Will you join us?

How does Qi Yuan Day work?

First, click on "WHEN IS YOUR QI YUAN DAY?" at the top of this page to learn your Qi Yuan Day -- 280 days (+/- days born early/late) before your birth date. Then, celebrate this day because this is the day your life began! Next, put on your calendar the Qi Yuan Days for everyone you love and care for as their Qi Yuan Day approaches, send them a paper card or ecard celebrating the day their life began. We show you many ways to get further involved encouraging children, society, and nations to celebrate their Day One! The goal is to help everyone acquire a clearer and more certain understanding that human life does not begin on the day of birth but on Day One. Observance of Qi Yuan Day will educate girls and boys who will become moms and dads that the mothers are nurturing a separate life. This will help turn the hearts of the mothers to their children.

Send a Qi Yuan Day card to your local school principals, religious leaders, and local leaders. To Religious Leaders: You can send them to children in your congregation, those who attend your camps or schools. To Parents and Principals: This could be a good part of health and sex education for your children and students in public and private schools, as well as a yearly reminder that you care about them deeply.

Qi Yuan Day

The organization dedicates itself to helping people from the East to the West and of all ages have a deeper, fuller realization in heart and mind that human life begins at Day One not at our birthdays.

Through the biological, medical and scientific advances of the last century, most of adult humanity has learned, intellectually, that life begins at Day One. Ultrasound images of our children in the womb have helped us visualize their humanity. One source of confusion could be reduced --- birthdays!! The worldwide practice (except in parts of China and the Far East) of dating our ages from the time of birth leads people to think that life, or perhaps “true life” begins at birth and not from Day One. Birthdays, of course, are wonderful times to celebrate the specialness of a person. However, when we consider all the social reinforcement of birth (watching PG-13 movies at 13, driver’s license at 16, voting at 18, all legal freedoms at 21, and retirement at 65) as opposed to Day One.

We hope that Qi Yuan Day cards, greetings, parties, gifts, songs and videos will help you celebrate the day your life began.

Qi Yuan Day is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation (exemption recognition in process). We need help from everyone who would like to see Day One of our lives celebrated as much as birthdays. The directors serve without compensation. Donations are used to promote the observance of Qi Yuan Day.