What is Qi Yuan?

Qi Yuan (pronounced "Chee-U-En") means “beginning” or "origin" in Mandarin. The Chinese symbol 日 simply means “day.” We use this language because the Chinese have for millennia dated a person’s age from Day One -- adjusted for the vagaries of the Chinese calendar. Qi Yuan Day simplifies this by ascribing a date to each person. Our goal is to educate and inspire all people to celebrate their beginning. In China, a baby is a one year old at birth. We like that! So, we began celebrating our Day One. Will you join us?


How does Qi Yuan Day work?

Find your Qi Yuan Day by clicking "WHEN IS YOUR QI YUAN DAY?" at the top of this page. This day will be 280 days (+/- days born early/late) before your birth date.

Once you've discovered your Qi Yuan Day, celebrate it yearly just like a birthday because this is the day your life truly began! We recommend also finding the Qi Yuan Days of your friends, family, and loved ones so you can send them Qi Yuan Day cards as this day approaches and celebrate when their life began.


Our Mission

The goal of this celebration is to help everyone acquire a clearer and more certain understanding that human life does not begin on the day of birth but on Day One. Observance of Qi Yuan Day will especially create a greater understanding for children to know when life begins.

Through biological, medical and scientific advances of the last century, humanity has learned that life begins at fertilization. Ultrasound images of children in the womb have helped prove this. Qi Yuan Day is a celebration that can hopefully reduce any confusion about the beginning of life.

We hope that Qi Yuan Day cards, parties, and resources will help you celebrate the day your life began.

Qi Yuan Day is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. Please consider donating if you would like to see Qi Yuan Days celebrated as much as birthdays. Our directors serve without compensation, and all donations are used to promote the observance of Qi Yuan Day and create more resources for celebrations.